Picture this…

You sit down at your computer and an email pops into your field of vision.

It’s from your agent.

Your manuscript has caught the interest of your publishing crush! The manuscript that has sat in the drawer for a year. The manuscript that you worked on through stolen minutes of your day and night. The manuscript that you might just love more than… your friends.

That day you have dreamed about is finally HERE. 

You quickly scan the next line, “Publisher is excited to read more, please send your first chapter without delay,” you continue reading the email under your breath, “Editor is asking for details on your platform: blog, followers, numbers. Please be specific. Thanks!”

You panic. 

You never did start that blog.  You meant to, you thought about it everyday, but it just seemed like so much more WORK.

Is my book deal dream still a dream?

homepagedude1NOW PICTURE THIS…

You sit down at your computer and an email pops into your field of vision.

It’s from your blog, notifying you of a new subscriber. 

You log into your blog excited to reach out to your fans. People who are waiting to hear what you have to say. 20, 30, 100 fans -YOUR fans – not anyone else’s.

You have a platform now. A platform where your message can be heard.

Create a base of devoted fans. 

Commit to being rare and memorable!




Per Forbes magazine “85% of your financial success is due to your skills in human engineering” i.e.) your personality, your communication, your connections.

Writers have the advantage to fascinate and capture attention. Rather than focusing on what you do focus on who you ARE.

What you do:

I’m Mike, in sales” or “I write books” you are seen as just another one of many.


Who you really ARE:

“I’m a writer, I’m a writer who loves to write the best sex scenes our generation has ever seen.”

Let us ask you, are you…

A Big picture thinker who enthusiastically invest yourself in learning and brainstorming?  

Or are you afraid to be found?

We’ve heard it before: “I’m afraid that once I start talking about my book someone will try to steal my idea before I publish it.”

This is a legitimate fear, but you HAVE to get over it, because it’s probably already happened. Everything has already been written, every story has already been told.  It’s happened to US and it’s even happened to Stephen King.  (The Shining is really just about a man having a nervous breakdown.)

But what you still have is YOUR special way of taking a concept and making it 100% original and all your own. (The Shining is the MOST original story of a man having a nervous breakdown.)

It’s time, fellow Author friends, it’s time to put your most original, witty, inspiring and amazing platform up online.

It’s time to build your foundation and find your fans.

And we are here to walk you through it. Every single step of the way.

Blogging Your Book Join Us!Join us!




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